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Episode 4 – The Journey with Mickey Mehta 

Mickey Mehta is India’s leading holistic health guru. Mehta has interwoven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra and Ved to develop holistic health systems that form the base of his signature wellness workouts and natural healing concepts and methodologies. He promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly. Mehta has also been a mentor to India’s top billionaire industrialists, senior politicians, top media barons, the Indian entertainment industry, international supermodels and senior officers of the Indian Police Force. 

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Mickeymised – your mantra for fitness – has caught on in a big way and has become a phenomenon today. While there are so many people who talk about fitness all the time, how do you put yourself differently from them and what is this Mickeymised angle to it?
There are two very important things, never try and be different because that is very unnatural. If you are different by a genetic signature, then it is very natural, and in the unfolding of your genetic signature you will find your uniqueness and your USP will keep expressing out of you very naturally. My USP is creativity, adding value constantly, constantly finding new purpose, new direction, new path. Of course, the destination is the same – which is to bring wellness to the world and bring fulfilment to everyone’s life. That has been my thought since Day 1. I tell all, let me become that river where nature decides its force and where it needs to flow and trust me, you will end up in a nice lake someday. 

The whole thing about Mickeymised is that each one of us lives a very ordinary life, where our potential can’t be optimised, there is no energy. So, I decided to stimulate people with fitness and when you do that, you get energised because fitness gives you strength, stamina, balanced body fat ratio, flexibility and muscle tone. 

Health also means healing. It gives you organic wellness and when there is organic wellness, there is immunity. So, you get maximised with immunity. With wellness there is emotional upsurge and buoyancy, there is psychological equilibrium and along with everything put together, you get optimised because emotionally you are upbeat, psychologically you are strong, you are perfectly centralised in your thinking, your mind has pure potential of awareness. 

Coming to well-being, that is the ever perpetuating state of wellness which moves towards excellence and evolution of mankind. In the state of well-being what you get is philanthropy, creativity, compassion, benevolence, benediction, you become a super human being, and there you get ‘Mickeymised’. 

So, from the bottom you get Energised, in the middle you get Maximised, at a little top you get Optimised, and at the absolute top you get Mickeymised. 

How difficult is it to inculcate this practice in our daily lives?
Everything is difficult when there is no interest. But everything becomes easy when there is enthusiasm, interest and then there is the need to explore, and once you begin to explore, it is an adventure. Adventure is always fun even if there are obstacles, to climb or to fly over it is fun and so it becomes interesting, because at the end of day you are serving your own objectives and interest. When you are doing so, life is fun, it is exciting and that is the time you see small changes happening everyday and you are sleeping happily because you did a lot for yourself, the society, mankind as well as for the environment. The small changes make it very easy. 

But one should not expect instant results; we need to be very realistic and let the process take charge. When you enjoy the process, you are at the top of the game and are constantly evolving, and when you are constantly evolving, you are moving towards excellence. 

How did it all start? When and how did you think that this is what you wanted to do?
Sometimes when God wants you to become a champion, he puts you in a tunnel and shuts it from both the ends and then you have to find a way out. Champions are born out of challenges. Chosen are those who are made to face difficulties and difficult paths. I don’t want to complain that life has been difficult. There has been a learning from every bruise. Each time you get up after a fall, there is a lot to learn. Each time you also realise that there are solutions hidden in nature. They are all encoded and all you need to do is decode them. Human beings create problems and the solution is there in nature. All you need to do is treasure hunt and play Blind Man’s Bluff and you will find your solution. 

For me, life has never been a rollercoaster ride, but has always been happy-go-lucky. I move along comfortably; if there was rain or a storm, there were umbrellas to cover me. Miracles have always happened at different points in my life. The more you recognise miracles and acknowledge them, the more they will happen to you. If someone were to ask you what life is, you should say it is all possibilities. 

This is a very optimistic way of looking at things. Extreme positivity can take you to extreme depression, because when things don’t start moving and suddenly you are into the season of crops failing, then all your positivity goes out. That is when you should stick to optimism. 

My brothers were into Martial Arts and I used to see the medals that they had won, and how their bodies grew stronger and well-defined. I emulated them behind closed doors – doing my desi dance, push ups, abs and stretching, which made me perspire a lot. My sister once told me that I purposely threw water on the floor so that people would see that I was working very hard. But I said that that was indeed my sweat on the floor. That sweat 47 years back is a culmination of who is sitting in front of you at 55. 

I’ve been drawing everything from nature, I believe in pantheism and naturalism. I believe in the philosophy of acceptance. Letting go is the allowance of flow to come in, because when you let go you are easy, you open up and when you do that, you become all possibilities. You become flexible, not just in body but in mind as well. 

When I went to boarding school, the seeding in sports and then spirituality happened. We used to say prayers of all faith. 

Then I started to pick up the philosophies of Aham Brahmasmi. It is mentioned in Mahakavya ‘Tatvamasi’, “Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande”. These Vedic philosophies have left a deep and long lasting impression of infinity and eternity and this is what my new book, ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’, is all about – eternity, infinity and ever prosperous evolution. 

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How do you impart this to people?
We operate out of 17 centres now. I am partnering with one of the biggest wellness companies in the world and this partnership will take me to the world. With my philosophy of wellness, talent and IPs on fitness, wellness, holistic health and life sciences, we are going to bring about a tsunami of wellness and we literally will heal the world, naturally, practically; there will be magic but no hidden magic. We will take people on board, enthuse them and tell them that it is very important to be healed so that you can sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself and wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world. If every human being becomes a wellness ambassador, this universe will be healed; there will be no wars but only love. 

When you say healing or wellness, how does that compare to your basic routine of exercising and eating right?
When you are sleeping, sleep don’t dream. When you are speaking, speak don’t scream. Whatever you do, be so total inside and get involved and get lost inside, lose yourself, lose your identity in everything that you do and that is getting into the ‘Shoonyam Quotient’. Whether in an active way or passive way, whether in a sequential way or when you are doing nothing, it is actually a dynamic state of change where you are sitting on every possibility, and hence, that nothingness is an emptiness full of possibilities of becoming everything from your state of being. 

It is very simple to heal everyone with the four pillars of Ayurveda – Ahar, Vihar, Vishraam, and Aushad, which state that one should eat the appropriate food at the appropriate time and in the appropriate quantity. 

It’s not a rocket science. Sleep well. Sleep alone – don’t take anybody to bed, which means don’t take your quarrelling husband to bed, don’t take your children’s studies to bed, don’t take your friends to bed, don’t take your servant to bed, don’t take your business or your boss to bed. Sleep alone. Sleep absolute. Sleep disconnected. Breathe out the last moment, the last day, the last week, weeks, months, years, life and lives lived together. When you sleep like that, you are healed anyway. You will wake up with a glowing skin like never seen before because your body will heal in totality. Your thoughts and things happening within you will cease and there will be a sensation of well-being. 

By eating appropriate I mean natural, wholesome food and stick to vegetarian food as much as possible because it heals you. Make ethical choices in eating. Earlier, man was primitive, a hunter and gatherer with fight and flight response. He killed for food. But when man settled near lakes and rivers where land was fertile, he became an agriculturist and ate fruits and started seeing visions; he ate grains and started becoming creative; he had vegetables and so he became very compassionate, he started to admire nature, became poetic, a musician, an artist. An artist can only rise to the highest potential of creativity and constructivity, but cannot kill or destroy because one who becomes creative will not destroy. 

Evolution says that as you evolve, you become sensible, sensitive and more compassionate. Thus, once you begin to eat right, you begin to think well; the food influences your mind, thoughts, your attitude, behaviour, and inputs to the society. 

One should not eat like an animal neither should they work out like an animal. Eat like a human and appreciate food. Eat with humility and gratitude, then food becomes Amrut, an elixir of life, and that elixir will pump life into you. 

Apart from exercise, what else do you emphasise on in your sessions?
There are two most important offerings in Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Temples. The first is HI, which stands for Human Intelligence, where the human mind trains the human body and there are no machines. For this, we use one’s own body weight. There are 7 YOs that do the magic – Floyo, Strechyo, AByo, Strenghtyo, Crossyo, Cardyo, and Coolyo. It gives you 5 times more value of a gym workout that you get in a one-hour session. 

The second offering is Nutriyo, which is cosmic nutrition. Most of the food that you eat today, your body reacts to it. But with cosmic nutrition, your body will respond to it. When you are in nature under a beautiful tree, it is giving you vibrations which will evolve. Cosmic nutrition is about sunshine, fresh air, water, sleep, exercise, love, romance, forgiving, blessing, feeding someone, educating someone. It nourishes you because you resonate with your entire composite brain and they facilitate the release of immune modulators, because well-being and the feeling of good hormones are released. No life threatening disease can come close to the vicinity of your aura. 

Where did you get the inspiration from? Who is your idol?
My idols have been Deepak Chopra, Osho, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and above all, Baba Ramdev and Sadhguru. They are all stalwarts and rock solid spiritual masters. These five gurus today can change the landscape of the world and bring about peace, equality, social justice, high happiness quotient and they can make this Earth a paradise. The Government should allow them to function freely and allow the Rally For Rivers movement to go ahead so that Sadhguruji can achieve his motive and India will once again a beautiful place to live in. Let there be co-existence, love everyone and that’s the way to be. 

My philosophy is all about knowing your true self. We are complex human beings, trapped in complex ways of personality, hence finding your true nature and true personality is important. The nothingness that is left after everything ceases to exist is the place from where you create, begin, translate and transform life. This is the point of alchemy. This is the point from where the tragic to magic journey begins.

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