Spirit W | To the three months that whizzed by!

It all started around three months ago, our journey to get you the quiet minds from the media space who belonged to the so called "fairer sex". Though a jittery start in itself when these ladies would say - "Oh! Why me?" and we would go about saying how it was essential for the world to hear about their stories.

No martyrs, no damsels in distress and no sleeping beauties. But just numbers, brand messages and knowing the media inside out. These ladies were familiar with ROI, brands, marketing solutions and innovations.

These ladies showed a love for the work they did and an extreme feeling of belonging for their organisation. A woman makes a family and indeed in this case the organisation was looked at as a family where equal opportunities, smiles and sadness are shared.

So in our journey of these three months the ladies that we spoke to were:

Ruby Menezes, Business Director, Mediacom Interaction

Arpan Priyamvada, Business Manager, Maxus Global

Sushma Jhaveri, (then) Senior Vice President, Carat Media Services

Vaishali Verma, General Manager- Bangalore, Lodestar Universal Media

Kiran Yeramalli, Senior Business Manager- Planning Department, MediaCom

Sulina Menon, Strategic media advisor ' Samsung, Starcom India, Delhi

Kanika Mathur, President, Digitas India

Sejal Shah, Executive Vice President ' West, VivaKi Exchange

Tracy Fernandes, Senior Business Manager- Interaction, Mediacom

Retaining talent and more inclusion seemed to be some of the most important issues that the ladies voiced. So to the three months that whizzed by and to the amazing spirit of a woman that we hoped to showcase, cheers to us and the leading ladies who obliged us. Keep watching this space for more such headstrong talks and sharp minds. | By Prabha Hegde [prabha(at)adgully.com]

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