Saregama highlights the value of gratitude in its new campaign

After a year of communicating Carvaan’s unique features and benefits through soulful stories that helped the audience understand an innovation like Carvaan, Saregama has launched its brand campaign with a message of #ThankYou. The campaign is designed by The Womb.

Based on a cultural reality, the campaign takes off from an irony in every Indian family relationship. The very people who do everything for us, right from our childhood, are the people we take for granted. We may say a ‘good morning’, or a ‘sorry’ to people outside, but we never express our gratitude whole-heartedly to our parents and elders. Research revealed several reasons – some of us just take them from granted, while some others are too busy achieving our goals and a few never thought about it. Culturally, we do feel our parents do a lot for us, but we hardly ever acknowledge their role. Research also revealed how emotionally fulfilling it is for a parent to hear it when a son or a daughter says it.

Kumar Ajit, Vice President, Saregama India Ltd says, “As awareness of Carvaan as a product grows, we now wanted to build in a compelling emotional motive for all young Indians to express their gratitude towards the people who have made some impact in their life. #ThankYou is the simplest expression but most often than not a difficult one to express. With Saregama Carvaan, we want to bridge this gap between the generations. We urge people to say #ThankYou to the people who matter, who have made difference in their lives. The time is right to gift Carvaan not just for its 5000 songs and other great features, but also for the emotional heft it carries”

Adding to that, Navin Talreja, Founding Partner, The Womb said, “We felt Saregama Carvaan could be the perfect carrier of such an expression for the young generation. We want to make Carvaan as synonymous with saying ‘thank you’, as a red rose is for love. The launch film is the first in a series of communication and activation initiatives we will take to seep the message deep into Indian psyche. We’ve started off with a typical and traditional Indian father-son relationship – filled with respect and distance. And how Carvaan can help in a small way to bridge such relationship gaps”


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