Sahil Anand on being part of BCL

Sahil Anand on being part of BCL: we are sure to make it to the semi finals this year

Actor Sahil Anand, who has been part of BCL for the last two years, is looking forward to this year's tournament as well. The actor says that his team is sure to perform better than last year, this time.

1. Since  how many years you are playing BCL?  

Its been 2 years that I have been playing in BCL. 

2. Which position you will play -allrounder? Bowler, Batsman? 

Initially, I was an all-rounder,  I used to do bating and bowling as well. But in the second season of BCL, I got hurt so after that I stopped bowling. I was an opening batsman before but now I am second down or third down. 

3. Do you watch cricket matches as well? 

Of course, I love cricket and it's always been my first love because I have already played for Punjab under sixteen and I used to be a good cricketer. So it's always been my first love and will remain the same for life.

4. Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches? 

My favourite is T20 matches because they are done quickly. As in today world we don't have much time , life is going too fast so we get bored in test matches. But T20 is very interesting as it's only of 20 overs.

5. This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time? 

Yes, this year we have the Cricket World Cup but I cannot say anything about the chances of India winning the cup because we have good batsmen but we don't have a good middle order.

6. How you are preparing for BCL? 

Everyday, after my pack up, I go for BCL practice and I practice for 2-3 hours every night, irrespective of if I am shooting or not. 

7. BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment what is your take on that. 

Yes, BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment. You get to see all the celebrities on one platform where they are playing cricket and with that, there is of course lots of entertainment happening on the side.

8. BCL is famous for controversies. What is your take on that? 

I agree that BCL is famous for controversies and it is bound to happen as there are almost 50 celebs on a single platform. I feel that they should happen also otherwise there will be no fun too.

9. Youth loved BCL last year on MTV. The youth audiences loved it. Comment.

The youth loved BCL when it came on MTV because I feel it is the right channel or the platform for it. Initially, it used to air on colors,  which is a good channel as well but the timing when it used to come was 4pm and that too on Saturday , when nobody is at home. So, I feel MTV is the best platform BCL could ever had.

10. What are your expectations from BCL this year?

My expectations from BCL this year is that my team Delhi Dragons is the best and I wish each and every player of my team scores well and we achieve what we missed in last BCL. Last year, we lost in the semi finals but this time we are going to make it and that's for sure.


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