Remembering the 102 minutes that changed America!

As the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded in New York City, some witnesses were frozen with shock, some helped others, and many ran as fast as they could from the growing disaster. Then there were those who grabbed their video cameras. Despite the chaos and danger, many people kept their cameras rolling throughout the catastrophe.

With footage from more than 100 individual sources, 102 Minutes That Changed America is a gripping documentary which captures that gruesome morning as it happened and the way it was experienced.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the heinous twin tower attacks, CNN IBN, IBN 7 & IBN Lokmat, in association with HISTORY from the A+E Networks I TV18 JV (soon launching in India), presents a one hour preview show of 102 Minutes That Changed America ' a spine-chilling eye witness account of amateur and professional footage, woven together without narration or commentary, to provide the viewer with an immersive and emotional experience.

This special presentation was broadcast exclusively on HISTORY in the US in 2008 and till date remains the highest rated one-off special ever, with a total of 5.2 million viewers for its premiere.

In 2009, 102 Minutes won four (4) Primetime Emmy Awards for the following categories:

· Outstanding Nonfiction Special

· Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming

· Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming (Single or Multi-Camera)

· Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming

Tune in and watch history as it happened.

Tune Ins:

CNN IBN: Sat. 10th Sept. ' 8 p.m. and Sun. 11th Sept. - 9.30 p.m.

IBN 7: Sat. 10th Sept. ' 8 p.m. and Sun. 11th Sept. ' 3 p.m.

IBN Lokmat: Sat. 10th Sept. - 8 p.m. and 11.30 p.m.


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