Rajnigandha Silver Pearls re-illuminates the glow of goodness with its new TVC

 Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, the popular mouth freshener brand from the multi-diversified conglomerate, Dharampal Satyapal Limited (DS Group) has launched its new TV ad campaign. Featuring the brand ambassador and Bollywood diva, Priyanka Chopra for the second time, the TVC takes forward and firmly re-establishes the brand’s core communication and philosophy: ‘Achchai ki ek alag chamak hoti hai’.

In the new TV ad film, conceptualized and created by Dentsu Marcom, Priyanka Chopra is shown introspecting on her life and on what people say of her. She mulls over these things as she climbs down a majestic staircase in a grand hotel. The film ends with a simple, spontaneous act of goodness where she helps a hotel staff member. With this, she deduces what goodness is actually all about: ‘Not what people say about you, but what you do.’

What makes the film stand out is that perhaps for the first time in the Indian advertising industry, a celebrity is shown pondering over and deriding herself. Only towards the end of the film does the theme change as Priyanka articulates that it doesn’t matter what people say about you as long as you are on the path of righteousness.

Rajeev Jain, Associate Vice President, DS Group said, “The brand story of Rajnigandha Silver Pearls is hinged on the tagline ‘Goodness that shines or ‘Achahai ki ek alag chamak hoti hai’, which articulates the goodness of great tasting product enhanced by the shining silver coating.  The new campaign with the brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra also weaves a story around the same theme reinforcing the message; let the goodness of your heart shine forth, yet again. Leveraging on the success of the initial campaign and the growing product demand,  this  new integrated campaign is being launched on TV, Radio, Digital, Cinemas and in BTL space.”

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom, said, “This time, just like the previous campaign, we are carrying forward the same brand message of ‘’Dil bada to tu bada’’ through a shocking story that shows the brand face- Priyanka Chopra, indulge in a self-depreciating monologue, emphasizing that at the end of the day, it is only what you do that matters. Priyanka Chopra played a sport and criticized herself through the film”

“People have opinions. Judgment is something none of us can avoid, even the biggest celebrities and stars can’t. Priyanka Chopra finds herself in the middle of such a thought, wondering why people misconstrue her. But then she rationalizes that as long as she is good in her actions, it doesn’t matter how people think or talk. Her belief is reinforced when she helps someone purely out of kindness,” added Vishal Mittal, Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom.

The launch campaign of the brand, released in 2014, was also built on the value of “goodness” and the TVC was a category first. Not only was the campaign extremely successful, its background score “Dil bada to tu bada” was widely appreciated and loved.


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