Radio on my mind

The other day while driving on the highway, I noticed a hoarding of Dosti Reality. As, I was just driving past, its ad on radio took me by surprise. Digital integration, I thought for a second. However, better sense prevailed.

Imagine if like mobile technology, radio too could identify where you were and do segmented targeting – even if it was just based on your location. As you were taking a turn to the mall you could hear an ad talking of a heavy discount there, or on a weekend evening as you reached a particular area, a restaurant enticed you with an interesting discount.

Too farfetched? But marriage between OOH and radio is possible to some extent – and it perhaps is being done. A perfect opportunity for retail advertisers. Right now, perhaps only in the morning and evening prime time, which happens to be the drive time. As is well established, large part of FM listening happens while travelling to work and back.

It would sure have multiplier effect – if you hear same ads on radio as are on the hoardings that you pass by.  Though it is not possible as of now to hear the ad close to the time when you are likely to cross the hoarding, it is very possible to hear the ad 15 - 20 minutes here or there.

While radio advertisement gives the details – hoarding can just have a super picture and shout an offer! Perfect CTA.  Radio campaigns, though, might need to be high frequency to bridge the time gap.

Is it already happening – two local media – which are not really the campaign drivers taking maximum advantage of multiplier effect?

There, after all, has to be logic behind the mind boggling e-bids for Phase III FM auctions. Delhi crossed RS 169 cr at the end of Day 15. Mumbai and Bangalore too are above Rs 100 cr now.  A strategy up radio stations’ sleeves – or is the bid price directly in proportion to ad revenues being fetched by the existing radio stations in the specific cities? Delhi equal to longer drive times, and hence more listenership at peak hours leading to higher ad rates? Or is it that shopping propensity of the city (mind you not disposable income) is way higher vis-à-vis Mumbai and Bangalore?


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