Plum Body's #GetSCENTY campaign is all about the offbeat fragrances

What do you really mean when you say #GetScenty, and what is the marketing highlight of this entire campaign?

 The #GetSCENTY campaign is all about the offbeat fragrances, a.k.a scents, that our body care products come in!

In a recent consumer study we had commissioned, we understood that the biggest drivers for bath & body purchases today, specifically for Plum BodyLovin’, are the product sensorials, fragrance variety (eg. Hawaiian Rumba, Vanilla Vibes, Trippin’ Mimosas etc.) and of course the uniqueness of these fragrances. Therefore, we decided to make our 10+ fabulous fragrances, that we have a wide variety of super-fun bath & body products in, the highlight of the campaign and with that, came the cheeky wordplay on ‘senti’ (colloquially used word for sentimental) with SCENTY. 

What was the first ever product of Plum BodyLovin’? and how has the brand grown over this past year?

Our first ever product launch was of 5 refreshing and non-drying shower gels on 22nd June, 2020. This launch also introduced 5 out of the 10+ fragrances we have today, our bestselling Hawaiian Rumba fragrance and well, then there was no looking back! We went on to launch 55+ products across categories like shower gels, body mists, body oils, de-odorizing pit creams, body lotions etc. in a span of 15 months!

The brand’s growth journey, albeit a short one thus far, has been one that’s got us reaching for tissues multiple times to wipe away those happy tears because we were NOT expecting or prepared for this level of customer acceptance and love for the brand, fragrances and products.

In no time, we saw products like Hawaiian Rumba Shower Gel, Vanilla Vibes Body Mist, Vanilla Vibes Body Mist and De-odorizing Pit Creams becoming top sellers in the category on all key channels such as Nykaa, Amazon etc. Our revenue numbers have grown to become 40X of the numbers we started out with in June 2020 and we couldn’t be more grateful for the love!

What new products have you launched with this campaign?

In the #GetSCENTY campaign, we’ve largely featured our bestsellers in our signature fragrances i.e. Hawaiian Rumba, Vanilla Vibes, Trippin’ Mimosas and Drivin’ Me Cherry however, we did launch our Feelin’ So Rose Body Yogurt with this campaign which marked the launch of the body yogurt category for us along with the exciting Feelin’ So Rose Range!

According to your study and knowledge, what flavours are most loved by consumers?

Oh our consumers have been LOVING Hawaiian Rumba, Vanilla Vibes and even Trippin’ Mimosas but even those who were exposed to our communication and advertising assets, were most excited about Hawaiian Rumba and Vanilla Vibes! No wonder 4 out of our top 5 products today belong to these fragrances! :) 

Tell us about the different platforms/mediums you are exploring for #GetScenty

We think Plum BodyLovin’, with its quirky, affordable and effective products, has the potential to be loved and enjoyed by so many more folks and hence we’re making sure we tie up with all relevant digital platforms to speak to these potential consumers. Along with staples like Facebook and Youtube, we’re also trying to reach out to OTT channel viewers and are collaborating with a wide variety of bloggers across platforms. The crew of influencers includes Gauahar Khan, Mithila Palkar, Nivetha Thomas, Kritika Khurana, Ahsaas Channa, Debasree Bannerjee, Nagma Mirajkar, Nitibha Kaul and Mrunal Pancha, as well as beauty and lifestyle bloggers who engage with their audiences in multiple languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Malyali, Telugu besides English of course.

So your campaign said that the influencers associated will talk about it only if they love the products, what’s the response been like so far?

Honestly, the response has been fantastic! The honesty associated with the collaboration allows bloggers to feel more empowered to go live with a sponsored campaign without the fear of backlash from their followers because their review, although a sponsored one, is authentic. In fact, we even encourage our blogger partners to go ahead and talk about the products they didn’t quite like and why that is! One could (and I’m sure some do) call that silly but we don’t wish to mislead the viewers because if they’re spending even 5 minutes of their time to view their favourite blogger’s content, they deserve to not be served a “copy paste from the brief” kind of review.

What are the most hot selling products by PBL?

While all products and fragrances have gotten their fair share of love, some of the most hot selling plums would have to be these 5:

Hawaiian Rumba Shower Gel (beach vacay in a bottle)
Hawaiian Rumba De-odorizing Pit Cream (odor-free, beachy smelling pits for 12+ hours)
Vanilla Vibes Body Mist (who doesn’t love to smell like a cupcake?)
Vanilla Vibes Body Oil (intense moisture + instant glow all while smelling like a cupcake)
Orchid You Not Body Mist (the latest floral entrant quickly making its way to the top)



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