Paper Boat Takes You On A Ride Down The River Of Memories

With a promise to take you on a trip down the memory lane, Paper Boat has launched its first multimedia campaign. In sync with its brand philosophy of ‘Drinks and Memories’; the videos each have a very distinct narrative. The social media video was first launched on Facebook, followed YouTube, last week. The digital drive is further supported by a robust TVC campaign. With literary legend Gulzar penning the lyrics and an adaptation of Malgudi days for soundtrack, the ad films attempts to revive the magical memories of childhood. The social media video has already reached 5, 30,527 views on Facebook in the last 4 days. The campaign has been created by Karishma Lintas and went on air on March 15, 2015.

Objective of the campaign
Speaking about the TVC’s, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Group Creative Director, Karishma Lintas, says “Even before we pitched for Paper Boat, we were avid followers of their work. Right from their proposition of ‘Drinks and memories’, to their packaging to their range of drinks, we love the brand. Everything about the brand could be described in two words. Original and Simple. The challenge given to us was to create a storyline with same originality and simplicity. To revive memories of childhood is easier said than done. Finally, after four months, we managed to recreate 3 minutes 35 seconds of childhood.”

Crafted around the thought of taking you back to your simple childhood days with its indigenous flavors, the four commercials celebrate the various favorites from the traditional Indian kitchen.

Film Descriptor
The film campaign has been visualized in two legs: A theme film for the internet (3 minutes and 35 seconds long), and four short, product-specific films, much like TV commercials (30 seconds each). The objective has been to communicate Paper Boat's core brand promise: that of Drinks and Memories.

The theme film is an ode to Memories, harking back to an age of timelessness - that of our collective childhoods. In an age of increasing cynicism and mounting urban angst, this short film documents the tiny sagas of growing up, and aims to remind everyone of childlike joy, magic and wonder. This film was released only on the internet to great fanfare and a very warm reception. At last count, the film had seen 21,000 shares.

The four shorter stories explore product-specific memories - memories triggered by the products themselves, a core insight that the brand has built its entire portfolio on. The products chosen were the favorites-by-volumes from the Paper Boat range: Aamras, Aam Panna, Jamun Kala khatta, Jal jeera, and Chilled Rasam. These short films have been released on primetime television, as well as on media channels like YouTube, as atypical (and yet, not quite) commercials.

Excerpts from Spokespersons
Excited about the campaign launch, Neeraj Kakkar, Founder - Chief Executive Officer, Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd., said, “At Paper Boat, we strongly believe that everybody has a child in them and childhood memories and flavors are always cherished. Sensing this very desire within us, we decided to package traditional beverages of India and tried visually bringing it to life through our marketing campaign. We have paid attention to minor things while designing the TVC, such as Gulzar’s voice over, lyrics, background music of Malgudi days etc. We hope people love the film as much as we do.”


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