Offbeat: Laqshya Media’s Atul Shrivastav seeks rejuvenation on the road

Adgully’s special feature section – ‘Offbeat’ – seeks to give a peek into the lesser known facets of our very well-known industry leaders. We present, in the industry leaders’ own words, an interesting read on areas that are not usually highlighted in regular media coverage – be it about their childhood days, secret skills that they possess, how they unwind from their hectic schedules, and much more. 

Atul Shrivastav, CEO, Laqshya Media Group, through his clear vision of creating leaders not followers, is known for creating formidable Teams in his leadership roles. “Don’t show them the short cuts, which often corrupts; rather impart the values and show the dignity of achieving through hard work and honesty. Life becomes more fulfilling and such a success is not short lived,” he says. 

On the personal front, Shrivastav is a wildlife enthusiast, enjoys Hindi music, as well as business and spiritual readings in his free time. 

A precious childhood trait that you still possess? 
I have always been very particular about respecting elders. It is something that I feel very strongly about even today. 

Any superhero fetish and what power you wish you possessed? 
I would like to possess the power of Anil Kapoor from ‘Mr. India’. His character, who is a commoner yet an invisible super hero, really appealed to me. 

What is your biggest fear and how do you face it? 
My biggest fear is of being physically dependent on others when I am old. Hence, I try to keep myself fit as much as I can so that I am able to stay healthy even at an old age. 

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A secret that you have which no one knows about?
I would like that to remain a secret! 

What would one find in your playlist? 
A long, never-ending list of old Hindi songs is something one can’t miss in my playlist. 

Your go-to activity to relax? 
I love long drives whenever I have time. It rejuvenates me. 

What is the greatest lesson that you have learnt from life so far? 
I think one should be original and stay attached to their roots. 

A social cause that you are most passionate about? 
I believe that every child in the country must be granted the opportunity for education. I also believe that the safety of children in India must be a top priority. 

What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself? 
I would like to control my sugar intake. 

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If not the CEO of Laqshya Media Group, what would you have been?
I would have explored an opportunity in Civil Services. I also have been very keen on starting my own venture. 

What are three apps on your mobile you couldn’t live without?  
I cannot live without WhatsApp and a couple of applications which provide me with information of the current events. 

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?
The last thing I watched on TV was the FIFA World Cup. The spirit of the game and the astonishing energy that it eludes is something that always drives me to never miss the FIFA World Cup. 

Which two organisations outside your own do you know the most people at and why? 
It is very difficult to name only two as they all are clients. 

Two things about this industry you don’t like or don’t understand? 
I don’t like under-quoting in sales and over-quoting in acquisition. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
If I could have lived anywhere, I would have still chosen India for sure. I would opt for any place surrounded by a lot of trees.

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