My simplicity & being real are what listeners like about me: RJ Kartik, My FM Jaipur

A small town boy with ambitions of being somebody is today the leading RJ of 94.3 My FM Jaipur. With 8 lakh followers, RJ Kartik has been in this business for the past 8 years and has hosted over 2,400 live shows. 

After a brief stint as an intern with My FM Jaipur, RJ Kartik got the chance to go on air in September 2010, where he utilised his full potential. He rejoined My FM Jaipur in October 2012, where he started off as an RJ in the afternoon show and later began hosting the morning show. Such is his popularity today that Jaipur eagerly waits to hear him every morning. 

RJ Kartik has looked beyond radio and expanded his horizons to build awareness in social media with his regular updates on various social issues, which has also caught the attention of the Rajasthan Chief Minister. 

He has started posting motivational stories every Monday on Facebook, which is widely appreciated not just in India but across the globe. He has received several awards for his work, including the IRF Award for Best Radio Program in Hindi language category in 2015 and 2018, Laadli Media National Award for BOL campaign, etc. 

In a freewheeling conversation with Adgully, RJ Kartik speaks about his journey as an RJ, why he likes radio above all other mediums and more. Excerpts: 

How did you get into this profession of RJing?
In my younger days, I used to listen to the radio and follow the RJs. I also collected a few thousand voice files of various RJs. That was when I decided that I wanted to be a RJ when I grew up. Boys of my age fantasised about girls, but I only dreamt of radio all the time! 

I started my career as an intern with My FM Jaipur in November 2009. Post the internship, I worked elsewhere before rejoining My FM Jaipur as an RJ in October 2012. My passion for radio superseded all ambitions and the only career path for me was being an RJ. 

What role has My FM played in your career?
My dream of being an RJ with My FM has been achieved and I have been with the station for five and a half years. My FM has moulded me and has given a boost to my career. I give the station all the credit for my achievements. I am what I am because of My FM. 

According to you, what does radio stand for in India?
Radio in India is for entertainment, infotainment and edutainment. Radio today plays an important role in creating awareness in the society about various social issues. It is also making a huge change in the listeners’ lives by going beyond entertainment and music. 

Radio will always survive, no matter how popular TV or digital are. The surprising factor that one can find on radio is always missing on the other mediums. Radio gives listeners an opportunity to connect one on one with the RJ, which is missing in the TV and digital platforms. 

What kind of changes would you like to see in the radio space in India?
I feel that like TV has reality shows, radio too should have some interesting formats like reality or game shows. In this digital age, radio should be available online and be easily accessible. 

What’s the one thing that listeners love the most about you?
My simplicity and being real are the two points that listeners probably like about me. There is no pretence in me and that is what attracts listeners. Every Monday morning when I do a daily motivational speech, I never use fake or bogus factors. The plus point is my familiarity with my listeners and they really appreciate it. 

What’s your motivation every morning when you go on air?
Pyaar Karna Aasan Hai, Lekin Nibhana Mushkil’, but my love for radio is evergreen. I always get excited when I come on air. My love for radio has not diminished, but only keeps increasing as the days and years go by.

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