More people??? Fret not, Blue Star ensures more Cooling!

It's often seen that an AC's biggest challenge is to perform efficiently even under extra load conditions, which usually comes in the form of more people. Ordinary ACs are just not designed to handle this extra load. This is where the Blue Star Inverter AC comes in. It delivers 30% more cooling when there are more people in the room; probably the only inverter AC in the country to do so. So, whether it's visiting friends, a house party or unexpected guests, the new Blue Star Inverter AC ensures that everyone in the room is comfortable.

This unique proposition is now being communicated with two ad films, conceptualised by    Blue Star's advertising partner, FCB Interface.

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The first film brings the story of a home-alone teenager to the fore, enfolding the drama that ensues when his mother comes back suddenly. And how a Blue Star inverter AC keeps his friends cool and comfortable till 'mummy danger' passes.

The second film is based on the instance when unexpected guests, the tree-climbing cousins crash into the house. The film brings alive the comparison between an ordinary AC and the Blue Star inverter AC when several Chimpanzees break into a house. 

B Thiagarajan, Joint Managing Director, Blue Star Limited says, “Blue Star’s room air conditioners media campaign of this year has incorporated a unique and powerful communication of ‘30% more cooling when you need it’ offered by our Inverter AC. The ads highlight that the Blue Star Inverter AC performs efficiently even under extra load conditions when there are more people in the room, by providing 30% more cooling. With strong indications of a severe summer this year, the market is expected to further grow, driven by an increase in demand. We intend to continue our investments in this category, where we have outperformed the market growth rate consistently, and are optimistic of doing so in the coming year as well.”

Niteen Bhagwat, Vice Chairman, FCB Interface says, “The agency’s planning team and client team interrogated the product until it confessed to its strength and the promise. The promise that the cooling capacity can increase by upto 30% if the load increased. The films thus owe as much to superb execution as they do to deep product understanding that differentiates Blue Star from other brands.”

Robby Mathew, CCO, FCB Interface says, “The film – Party-with-friends owes a lot to the bang-on casting, and the catchy music by Samiruddin. Piyush Ragani the director, has excelled himself with this film.”

On the second film, he said, “Chimps share 96% of our DNA, their antics are adorable, and they are the stars of this new Blue Star film. Shot in Thailand, this is yet another Blue Star film that walks away from the sameness of air conditioning advertising in India.”


Client: Blue Star

Agency: FCB Interface Communications

Chief Creative Officer: Robby Mathew

Account Management: Ruchita Purohit, Manoj Ramrakhiani, Krunal Varia

Creative team: Ashutosh Joshi, C Sricharan, Vignesh Iyer, Durgesh Amble, Adith Fernandes, Ketan Kadam

Agency Producers: Alpa Jobalia, Mazhar Khan, Stanley Christian 

Production House: Like-Minded People (film 1-Party with Friends) and Off Road Films (film 2 - Chimps)

Director: Piyush Raghani (film 1-Party with Friends)

Abhijit Sudhakar (film 2 - Chimps)

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