Maxus declared as a dominant and successful profiled agency of India by RECMA

RECMA is the only definitive and authentic ranking and rating agency across the world. Founded in 1991 in Paris RECMA is also the only research company that publishes evaluations on the worldwide media agency industry. The company is owned 84% by Ms. Alberique de Preval CEO , Head of Finance and 16% owned by Olivier Gauthier , Partner, co-Director of Research. The first global report was published in June 1999. Since July 2006, domestic reports are released in 40+ countries and updated every trimester.
It is a proud moment for Maxus Global. They have been declared the only dominant and  successful profiled agency of India for April 2012 and also as the fastest growing media agency network since  last three years in a row by RECMA ( Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency) .
Earlier Maxus was also named Campaign’s Global Media Agency of the Year at the end of 2011 and began 2012 as Ad Weeks US Agency of the Year and one of Ad Age’s “Agencies to Watch”.
“Maxus being the only dominant and successful agency in India for the last three years is a proof of our client’s confidence in our ability to make a continued difference to their brands business and this team’s hard work and passion for the organization. We will continue our passion and efforts in the future”, says Ajit Varghese of Maxus.
Maxus has scored 17 points followed by Mindshare with 15 and Lintas Media Group has 13 points to their credit. Maxus and Mindshare have the ‘Dominant’ profile and LMG has ‘Good’ profile.  Where competitive pitches are concerned Maxus and LMG are ‘successful’ whereas Mindshare is ‘stable’.
The RECMA survey is done on a quarterly basis. Comparing three periods i.e. April 2012 versus December 2011 versus December 2010 the bench mark points for the three leading agencies for April 2012 has been as follows:- Maxus (0) ,Mindshare (+4) and LMG (-2). Maxus has been constant with the same points in December 2010 and April 2012 and Mindshare and Lintas Media Group have seen a change of +4 and -2 respectively.
Nineteen media agencies have been ranked in April 2012 with scores from +17 to -9 and a decreasing classification in the range of “Dominant” to “Good Profile”, “Average Profile” and “Low Profile”. This ranking has been combined with a New Business qualification of “successful, “stable” or “underperforming”.
The qualitative evaluation has been processed in 40 countries and gathers criteria in 4 categories. The four categories are, competitiveness, momentum, resources and client profile.
Competitiveness is mainly measured by pitches results over the last three years and includes the 2012 trend
 Momentum which is measured by the activity growth , market share growth over three years, new business activity and changes at the top management
Resources such as  Digital and Diversified services which include outdoor, branded content, entertainment ,sponsoring/ events , multicultural, retail , econometrics as well as geographic coverage
Client Profile includes number of big advertisers , number of local advertisers and also share of the first client and the  three biggest (exposure)
RECMA has published a new edition of its qualitative ranking of the Indian media agencies as subscribers. A benchmark analysis has been carried out for illustrating the evolution of the agencies overall scores and classification over the past one and half years. They do an evaluation in 40 countries according to 16+ criteria. They have also reflected on the impact of the most recent moves and agency developments along with the 2011 Compitches Grades.
The Indian Qualitative Evaluation Report is the 5th edition and the first one was released in October 2010.

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