Make the most of every holiday experience:'s Yashish Dahiya

A person, whose journey has been a roller costar already, professionally though, would surely love to see the world with family and friends. An avid runner, Yashish Dahiya believes journey is all about relaxing, exploring, family and friends. Exploring beyond the ordinary, walking / running the off beaten path is what makes his any ‘journey fun’.

Yashish Dahiya is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co- Founder, a well known online insurance aggregator in the country. Being an expert in this field, he has led the business of with great foresight and expertise and is one of the pillars of success for the brand.

His roller-costar journey began when he started his career at Illinios Tool Works as a Business Unit Head and later moved on to Bain & Co. to work as a Management Consultant. Before venturing out on his entrepreneurial journey, he worked with First Europa, a Global Online Insurance Broker, as their CEO. He has also had experience of working with an online travel aggregator,, a leading pan-European online travel agency and led their business as the Managing Director.

In today's Fox Traveller Diaries, Adgully caught up with Yashish Dahiya to get more insights about his travel experiences.

Fox Traveller Diaries (FTD): If there is one place you can keep going back to for a holiday, where would it be?

Yashish Dahiya (YD): Kasauli

FTD: Tell us three good things about travelling.

YD: Time to reflect; time with family and relaxation and exploration.

FTD: When you travel, what is a must carry for you?

YD: Running kit. I am an avid runner

FTD: When and where did your best holiday happen? 

YD: Skiing in France

FTD: As a traveller, what’s your tip for the others?

YD: Do not rush, make the most of every experience.

FTD: A colleague/co-worker from your industry with whom you would like to go on a holiday.

YD: Many of my colleagues. We are a close knit team and do a lot of recreational activities together.

FTD: Have you ever been surprised by the taste of food, outside India? Where?

YD: China, lots of variety and very healthy too!

FTD: What and where has been your best bazaar bargain so far?

YD: Running kits from China (Palika Bazaar equivalent)

FTD: Which has been the most unique destination that you ever visited. When and why?

YD: Great Wall of China

FTD: Tell us how you have managed to make a journey fun.

YD: Exploring beyond the ordinary, walking / running off the beaten path.

FTD: A gourmet gaffe that you would like to share.

YD: Also in China. Trying to eat rice with chopsticks!

FTD: What has been your worst travel moment? Why?

YD: Switzerland, I lost my passport, visa, money, camera etc. Plus, no travel insurance!

FTD: What is the best souvenir you ever bought for anyone?

YD: Piano for my daughter from China. Do not ask how I carried it, but my daughter still loves it. Also a guitar for my son from Netherlands.

Yashish holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Engineering  from IIT Delhi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management  from IIM Ahmedabad, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are purely in the personal capacity of Yashish Dahiya as a travel buff and has no bearing and/or correlation with his official role; Images, courtesy: Yashish Dahiya 


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