Life OK to present light hearted family drama series 'Bahu Humari Rajni_kant'

There is nothing that Rajni our protagonist can’t do - she the perfect wife, the perfect daughter in law, a perfect lover and yet Shaan, her husband is hassled by her. Wonder Why? Life OK brings to you for the first time on Indian television a saga of a husband who, with a perfect wife still feels incomplete. Catch the journey of Shaan, in a light hearted family drama series ‘Bahu Humari Rajni_kant’ starting 15th February, Monday to Friday at 8:00pm on Life OK.

The story revolves around a loving but dysfunctional family where everyone is often at odds with each other. Cultural differences further complicate matters and lead to unusual and hilarious challenges. Shaan, our lead protagonist, a scientist by profession, has immersed himself in science and robotics to save himself from the daily family drama. Through a quirk of fate Shaan finds himself marrying Rajni, who is the epitome of the perfect woman he had in mind. However Rajni has a secret that only Shaan knows of and becomes a big problem for him - Rajni is actually a humanoid that he has himself created as an robotics experiment. How will Rajni survive in this crazy family? And how will Shaan land himself out of this mess he has created?

On the launch, Life OK spokesperson said, “What excites us about this show is that firstly one will get to see family life and its challenges from a man’s perspective, a rarity in today’s mainly female oriented content on air. Secondly we will get to see a Bahu who it totally different from anyone seen before on TV. Both Shaan and Rajni are extremely fresh, unique characters and the story telling is full of entertainment. While the show sets up very hilarious situations, there is also an underlying satire about the role and expectation from men and women in modern families. Once again, we at Life OK are looking to bring something unique for our audiences. ”

Writer & debutant producer, Sonali Jafffar said “Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant is a full-on entertainer. Though the show name has bahu in it, it encompasses the whole family and not just the bahu. After a lot of planning, research and execution, we are finally ready with a refreshing concept and are sure that the audiences will enjoy to the fullest”

Shaan is played by the very talented Karan V Grover who also just made his movie debut this year. Starring opposite him is our female protagonist Rajni played by Riddhima Pandit who is making her debut in this show. The ensemble has talented cast like Vahbeez Dorabji, Tanvi Thakkar, Pallavi Pradhan and Rajendra Chawla.

Rajni, may be jack of all trades, but what happens when her husband still finds something missing in her? Watch this bizarre fun drama to find out why even with a perfect wife, the husband is still hassled?



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