'It Saves Energy' is the message of the new TVC for Havells Geyser

Havells is one of the leading players in the Indian electric products industry. Although this company may be doing business in a segment that is unimaginative, Havells has gone beyond convention and established itself through some innovative advertising campaigns.

Havells, largely known for its famous "shock laga kya?' campaign for Mini Circuit Breakers (MCB); has always made it a point to communicate to the end consumers and use simple ideas that connects with its consumers. Some of Havells' other campaigns includes Bijilee for its fan range, Mother-Son ad for its cable product and a Recession ad for its MCB range. Rimpoche ad for Havells CFL bulbs was another interestingly ideated campaign for a dreary product.

Havells have always associated with cricket to promote its brand and believes this campaign is an expensive product.

With their recent TV campaign, they have now announced their entry into the Geyser segment. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the campaign aims at communicating to the consumers that with Havells Geyser, one doesn't have to worry about over consumption of energy. Their commercials continue to focus on consumers' concern with energy consumption that amounts to huge electricity bills.

Speaking exclusively to Adgully, Syed Amjad Ali, Executive Vice President, Lowe Lintas said, "The usual trend that is observed in the country is with the usage of guzzlers like geyser, the consumers' apprehension increases to such a level that they restrict the use of other electrical appliances. Other appliances that consume a lot of energy are usually not used simultaneously, if a high energy consuming appliance like geyser is in use. The idea generated from this thought. The TVCs are simple and effective. The idea was to communicate the fact that by using Havells Geyser you are saving energy because with just half a unit of electricity, the water is hot for 24 hours. All the products of Havells are energy saving."

The TVC is memorable and will have a good brand recall as it is humourous and conveys the message most effectively. It features Vishwesh K, vocalist of Scribe, sitting in front of a television set exhibiting his unique vocal skills by imitating the channels with the remote control in his hands. This initially leads the viewer to believe that the television set is switched on, however it is not. The TVC then breaks into a voice over which says to "save energy, get Havells Geyser, in half a unit, the water is hot for 24 hours'. Apart from arousing the curiosity of the viewers, the TVC also ensures that viewers are left with an appreciative smile. The idea is simple and well executed.

Experts in the industry are of the opinion that this campaign is well constructed and smartly conceptualized. Speaking exclusively to Adgully, a senior Advertising professional said, "Havells have indeed made a mark with their clutter breaking campaigns. Their latest geyser campaign is definitely one that will stay on peoples' minds."

However this TVC campaign doesn't exceed the popularity of Havells' "Shock Laga Kya?' campaign which had created a nationwide impact. How does this campaign connect with its consumers in a country that is growing rapidly? All of Havells advertisements are individualistic with regard to their product. Maybe now it is time for this brand to undertake market research more seriously and establish a common thread in its advertisements so that there is a better brand recall. The campaign consists of three television commercials, each 20-30 seconds and with the same message but different products like Television, Microwave, and Vacuum cleaner.


Amer Jaleel: National Creative Director

Deepesh Jha: Executive Creative Director

Rohan Tandon: Senior Brand Services Director

Sonia Upadhyaya: Senior Brand Services Manager


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