Is it psychological after all?

With the government wanting to ban alcohol and leaders publicly proclaiming that people who consume alcohol or smoke should be flogged in public and youngsters going up in arms against these rules, we wanted to find out if this really was such a big public evil as it’s made out to be. We asked our MTV Insiders why more and more youngsters are open to trying out drugs, alcohol and smoking and are even actively defending such a choice.

10% of college goers and 20% of youngsters who work cite alcohol as the reason for running out of money every month. While many reasoned out by saying that today’s generation is more open, people are smoking and drinking under the pretext of being cool. The other oft-quoted excuse is that these are stress busters. The most popular “stress situation” is while going through a break up. 37% say that their alcohol and cigarette consumption increases when they’re going through a break up. In any case, it’s psychological. Same way coffee keeps you awake. Psychological.

So…. Is it psychological after all?

By MTV Insights Studio:

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