ID presents a new season of true-crime series: 'Web of Lies'

What happens when desperation crosses its limits and you are trapped in the twilight world of seduction, danger, and false identity? ID - Investigation Discovery will present an all new investigative series WEB OF LIES which will showcase terrifying cases of web crimes that arose from online interactions. 
This new crime series will feature the most terrifying and shocking stories where internet love and romance will cross all boundaries and lead to unbelievable tragedies.
WEB OF LIES will air from Monday to Saturday at 10 pm on ID.
The online world is highly unpredictable- you never really know who you're talking to or if the person is credible. Anything can be disguised online and it only gets worse when you are trapped in a web of lies. From jilted lovers stalking their exes, stories of obsession to people enacting their disturbing fantasies, the series will take the viewers through the scandalous tales of kidnapping, violence and deception.
Each episode will bring across bone chilling tales of how a simple networking site can lead up to  shocking crimes, for instance, the case of Michele Reiter's, whose life was back on top after a chaotic marriage and a troubled romance, turns horrific when she goes missing after accepting a date from a new online friend.
Internet makes life easy, but what will happen when your life comes to an end with the hidden lies behind it? Find out on WEB OF LIES only on ID.

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