iD Fresh Foods Brings Balance In The Kitchen With #Equalswithid

2019’s theme for Women's Day as determined by the UN is #BalanceForBetter. In accordance with the theme and all that has been said recently, we thought it would be apt for iD to create a campaign around this theme that would promote a balance and equality between the two genders. The goal is clear -- to promote a healthier sense of equality between men and women and break stereotypes that have put women down for centuries.

#EqualsWithiD is a campaign where we ask men to take a pledge to take over the kitchen for 3 days in a week. This applies not just to working professionals, but even retired people, sons who live with single mothers, or sons who live with a working father. The cooking responsibilities are made easy with iD products because they are ready to cook so that even men can prepare meals without much of a hassle.   

We felt that this would be the appropriate measure to take, given our product category. We talk about equality between men and women at the work space, we felt it was also our duty to give them the resource, time and energy to perform at the work-space and that would be possible if some of their home responsibilities were shared by the men of the household.


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