&flix inspires viewers through a powerful anthem #VenomInMyVeins

I’ve been living on that dark side, where everything is alright on the outside. But in my veins, it’s Venom” goes the anthem as it tells us that sometimes it takes a little bit of bad to do some good. In a world that has enough superheroes, those on the path of righteousness to fight evil, &flix, the destination for Hollywood blockbusters, is celebrating the anti-hero. This mistaken supervillain from the from the Marvel Universe – Venom is a symbiote that takes on the living, turning the creature into an ultimate badass. To amplify the arrival of the biggest evil-faced character, the channel has launched a robust campaign titled #VenomInMyVeins, with a power-packed Venom anthem in association with Ranveer Singh’s InkInc Record Label. The Gully Boys Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta have penned the lyrics inspired by Venom and his characteristics. The rap video depicts these artists shatter societal stereotypes around what is considered good and evil in a catchy exchange of wordplay to bring the biggest premiere of the season – Venom on Sunday, May 26, at 1PM & 9PM only on &flix.

The anthem throws light on the sheer pretence that forms the façade for most people. Drawing a parallel through thought-provoking everyday examples, SlowCheeta and Kaam Bhaari attempt to persuade people to embrace their real self. No matter what the world may throw at you, the song encourages people to keep moving forward. Just as, at times, negative beats negativity, this gritty track features people from different walks of life coming to terms with their true identities as they do away with suppressing their real emotions to embracing the bit of dark in them. Focusing on how the larger audience has had a herd mentality when it comes to societal norms, SlowCheeta and Kaam Bhaari question the reality through their lyrics. Nearing the end of the video, Venom embraces the dark side of vivid personalities, something that’s unthinkable for the society.

Venom takes over Mumbai and Chennai as the graffiti artists Zake and EPOC take inspiration from #VenomInMyVeins. The idea behind the mural is to celebrate the element of mischief in all of us. Part fun, part mischief. 100% Venom. It inspires the audience to embrace their inner self sporting the message “Sometimes it’s good to be bad”. Floating Canvas Company has been the curator for the project.

&flix is also giving its fans a chance to celebrate the dark side inside them, with a special Venom themed block party at Khar Social. The event will showcase live performances by Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta in addition to Venom themed cocktails. Joining the musical extravaganza will be popular rappers - Dopeadelicz, 7Bantai’Z and MC Altaf.

Speaking about the premiere, Shaurya Mehta, Head, Premium Channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL), said, “&flix is extremely thrilled to bring to its viewers yet another one-of-its-kind character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Venom. Since its inception, the channel has showcased the highest number of premieres in the category and is now all set to host their biggest in the new fiscal. With Venom, we have ensured an engaging experience for our audience. This anti-hero has created a cult for himself across the world and with the upbeat Venom anthem, we are sure to strike a chord with the fans across the country. Fans will also be able to spot their favourite character on the streets of Mumbai and Chennai through graffiti. Raising the whole experience to another level is the specially curated Venom-themed bloc party, which will give the fans a chance to live and celebrate the anti-hero in them.”

Sharing his views on conceptualizing the anthem, Kaam Bhaari, Artist and Rapper said, ““It was a great feeling when &flix approached me to create a Venom anthem for India. Knowing the fact that Eminem had played a major role in creating the Original Sound Track for the movie, I feel obliged to have contributed to it in my own way. While writing the lyrics, I came across a lot of obstacles as the demand of exploring the dark side was tough. While the flow of the song is heavy, I wanted to pen down my deepest thoughts and societal problems in a quirky way, to do justice to the track. The shoot of the video was challenging, yet fun as we were on an abandoned beach, especially the part where I shot for the sack race with SlowCheeta. All in all, it was a great experience and we are super happy to be a part of something as big as this.”

Additionally, shedding light on the thought behind the lyrical version, SlowCheeta revealed, “I was super excited to create this song with KaamBhaari for #VenomInMyVeins, as I am a big fan of the franchise. As an artist and lyricist, you get very few opportunities to create a song that expresses the dark side of human beings, as opposed to the regular ‘being happy and having fun’ situations. Every human has a dark side which needs to be accepted and it acts as a superpower, in some form or another. This subject was very interesting and being a huge fan of Tom Hardy, I had to jump and grab the opportunity. It was hard for me to write the lyrics that will depict things which will be acceptable. Eventually the track has turned out to be a solid tight one and I can’t wait for people to hear it. The song focuses on #VenomInMyVeins, as the name suggests, it is about accepting the Venom in our veins.”

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Marvel’s Venom revolves around Eddie Brock, an unassuming investigative journalist whose career takes a hit after an interview with Life Foundation’s head Carlton Drake goes south. Six months later, Eddie who is now hot on the trail of Drake trying to take him down, accidentally comes across an alien symbiote - Venom while scouting through Drake’s experiments. Turns out, the symbiote engulfs Eddie’s body and takes control over his thoughts and actions. Being the host of a super alter-ego that propels him to take extreme measures of action, Eddie is constantly torn between the dark, twisted and raging Venom in his veins vis-à-vis his own identity. The film traces Eddie and Venom’s escapades as they together embark on the mission to prevent Drake and his malicious organization’s attempt to transform all of humanity into symbiotes.

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