Fiction, movies, kids content, news form women's weekday TV routine

Enough has been said and discussed about Indian women being the core audience of prime time and someone who drives the Indian TV viewership. BARC India has come out with its first Think newsletter that analyses how the Indian woman spends her day with respect to TV viewing hours.

The viewership pattern of women does not differ/ discriminate between Urban, Rural and Mega Cities.

Surprisingly, News related content is being preferred most during early morning hours, compared to any other day parts. In the 07:00-10:00 am day part content such as News and Non-Fiction series are Urban skewed, whereas Movies and Kids are Rural India skewed.

Interestingly, 10:00 am onwards, female viewership share of Fiction series is almost more than double the viewership share of previous day parts and drops significantly in their consumption of News, Music and Kids content across Urban, Rural and Mega Cities.

The day part – 01:00 to 04:00 pm – registers relatively heavy higher share for movie viewing, compared to other day parts. As the day progresses, viewership share of News, Music and Kids content marginally drops and stays high on consumption of Fiction series through Urban, Rural and Mega Cities. Movies as content theme is the highest during this day part for Urban, Rural and Mega Cities.

The female viewership for kids content enjoys highest share of the pie during 07:00-10:00 am as compared to any other time-band for both Urban and Rural India, whereas women in Mega Cities maintain the same share of viewing from 07:00 am-07:00 pm.

Indian women from Urban India, Rural India and Mega Cities drop their Movie consumption and increase News, Kids, and Music consumption marginally during 04:00-07:00 pm. This could be the result of less available time for watching TV for longer duration for content like Movies.

The viewership pattern validates the conventional wisdom/ knowledge of fiction series. It starts building up 10:00 am onwards and peaks during 07:00-10:00 pm. During the time band of 07:00-10:00 pm, Indian women across Urban, Rural and Mega Cities drop visibly in their viewership share for News, Music, Kids and Movies and sharply increase their consumption of Fiction series.

From the 10:00-11.30 pm time band onwards, there is a sharp decline in the share of Fiction series, while on the other hand, share of News becomes almost double the previous day part. Non-Fiction series viewership share of Indian women goes up sharply.


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