Exclusive | Red Bull, betting big on social media with its Corporate Chamcha campaign

Red Bull’s Corporate Chamcha Campaign is an innovative campaign aimed at the Corporate Chamcha that we find in every office.This Chamcha is very typical in the manner he presents himself and is the at the centre of ridicule of his colleagues.
Riding upon this very unique concept,the campaign reflects the ambitious mentality of wanting to be at the top of the career ladder and the role Red Bull plays as the partner that gives wings to that dream as an energy drink that enables you to perform and fulfill your dreams without ofcourse being a Corporate Chamcha.
The Corporate Chamcha campaign extends to include an online video and an interactive game.The essence of the entire campaign is: ‘Why climb the career ladder when you can fly ’, which basically means that instead of climbing the ladder by chamchagiri or buttering as they call it,one can easily achieve success  by working hard facilitated by Red Bull Energy Drink for the long hours of work.
The video on Youtube which is an integral part of the campaign has already received 2.8 million hits.The online game revolves around a Red Bull character who surmounts various obstacles at the workplace while being  constantly re-energised by Red Bull.Thus the campaign aims to establish the idea that Red Bull is an essential element  for success and energy.
Vikaas Saxena, Marketing Director, Red Bull India, says, ”The concept of  the campaign is very  simple:everyone has witnessed a Corporate Chamcha  at some  point  of time in their lives.” It is quite evident from the huge success that the video has received  on  Youtube;clearly indicating that the concept has struck a chord with the audience.”
The idea for the video was developed with the creative agency Brewhouse while Thin Martian developed the "Corporate Ladder Challenge" game and the integration of all the other aspects of the campaign were done in house with support from another digital agency, Jack In The Box.
In order to engage the consumers further and to replenish their interest, Red Bull has also launched a Facebook page by the name of Red Bull Corporate Chamcha Challenge where users can post their own experiences of a Corporate Chamcha  and even win a year’s supply of Red Bull.
The Red Bull Corporate Chamcha campaign is pre-dominantly a digital one that has been integrated into other mediums to achieve a 360 degree approach. The campaign was also supported by trade marketing as well as a sampling initiative across corporates in India.
The campaign continues to attract eyeballs as more than 50,000 people have visited the website to play the game.

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