Disrupting the mobile marketing space with Artificial Intelligence

Dhananjay Arora, CEO, Kwebmaker, showcases how integrating AI into one’s mobile marketing efforts gives marketers a competitive advantage in their industry. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way marketing is done across all industries, including mobile. We are quickly moving away from relying on human interaction alone to understand exactly what our customers need. Instead, we are turning to tools and machines programmed to be artificially intelligent. 

With the aid of AI tools, the accuracy levels of measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and making effective predictions has increased drastically. These intelligent machines are able to learn over time about each app user and be able to send the right content, to the right user at the right time, with just a click of a button. 

According to a 2016 comScore report, mobile accounts for 65 per cent of digital media time compared to the desktop’s 35 per cent. This fact alone underscores the importance of a winning mobile-first strategy across the customer journey. 

The potential applications for AI are hugely diverse, and innovative businesses are taking advantage of this. The possibilities are endless. 

Four AI trends currently used by successful brands today include: 

Chat bots

Adopting chat bots as part of your mobile marketing strategy can benefit your brand in several ways. First, you can reach a wider audience. Most importantly, this mobile technology trend makes seamless interactions between brands and consumers happen. The online conversation mimics the experience of shopping in a traditional retail store. This helps the brand to build a sense of understanding to the needs of the consumer. Chat bots effectively help in converting more customers by removing conversion barriers and allowing them to place orders by chatting or speaking directly through their smartphones. 

Consumer data analysis

AI makes it easy for mobile marketers to craft more targeted and personalised marketing messages such as special offers and ads by spotting consumers’ behaviourial trends and patterns. 

To understand and predict how a customer would behave, customer data is analysed, including what they usually buy, what they are talking or asking about, their demographics, location, and social behaviour. In doing so, marketers find out which customers would make repeat purchases or the chances a particular prospect will convert. 

Dynamic pricing for maximised profits

AI enables businesses to automatically set dynamic prices rather than fixed prices to maximise their profits. Dynamic pricing adjusts prices in real-time based on market demand and how much a customer can and is willing to pay. 

Benefits of dynamic pricing:

  • It gives you greater control on your pricing strategy
  • It allows flexibility without compromising your brand value
  • It saves you money in the long run

Image recognition is the new option

Image recognition is truly an interesting topic that uses AI. It is a technology where you can unlock a device by recognising images of faces, places, writings, objects, actions and it could be anything. Combining image recognition and AI looks bright, interesting, attractive and promising. 

The digital assistants can now not only understand our commands in our natural conversational languages, but only also help us make smart choices and complete the orders. This field is so full of potential that it is being hailed as the next big revolution to happen after app revolution. 

Therefore, simply integrating AI into your mobile marketing efforts gives you a competitive advantage in your industry. These trends will uplift your deliverance and help gain more consumers and profits. 

(Dhananjay Arora, a pure breed entrepreneur, realised early that the Internet is clearly the next big revolution to take over the India and the world. Kwebmaker is a classic case of a garage start-up moving up slowly and steadily – from a small 1 person agency to a 100+ team with global offices.)


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