Discovery Turbo : The Truly Astonishing Science Behind World's Strangest

Join popular British presenter Jason Bradbury as he uses quirky science and eye-witness accounts to explore the odd, bizarre and the down-right peculiar in Discovery Turbo’s exciting new series WORLD'S STRANGEST.

WORLD’S STRANGEST aims to unfold the strangeness, under which lies some truly astonishing science. The series goes on a global hunt to discover the mysteries and amazing scientific truths behind these peculiar traits. The strangest themes include: places, vehicles, jobs, sleep, inventions and explosions amongst others.

Viewers witness a peaceful lake that becomes a huge vortex swallowing boats and barges, a subterranean salt mine becomes a giant cathedral and blood rains from the sky with no warning. And there is more - exhibiting invisible tree houses, transforming cars, underwater pizza delivery boys, skiing buildings and jet-pack surfing, WORLD'S STRANGEST also looks at how bomb-sniffing rats could save thousands of lives, robot suits can help the disabled walk again and how life-like androids with artificial intelligence are already among us.

Starting 22nd April, WORLD’S STRANGEST airs every Wednesday at 9 pm on Discovery Turbo.


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