Discovery Turbo presents 'Extreme'

Determined to find the strange, the exciting, and the exhilarating in everything this world has to offer?  The 24-hour ‘just for males’ channel - TURBO will take you to the most jaw-dropping and extreme places anywhere in the world in its new series EXTREME, to air every Thursday at 9PM, starting January 29.

If it is gigantic you love, EXTREME will sail you across the largest pool in the world or give you an astronaut guided tour of a space station. Terrifying? This show will introduce you to alligator wrestling, a haunted tattoo parlor and thrill rides that make grown men cry like babies. And if it isn't totally crazed, meals served by sword by black-clad ninjas, talking toilets and vacation resorts on the sea floor are certainly over-the top innovative. Enjoy the spectacle as this thrilling series takes you to the outer edges of Extreme.

Never thought stopping at McDonald's was extreme? You may have thought wrong and this is the series that will prove it.  EXTREME will take you from coast to coast, straight to the biggest, the best and the most over-the-top lodgings. The other episodes in the series include resorts, restaurants, terror-rides, waterparks, superstores, mind-blowing hotels, ways to go extreme, and much more.
One can also spend a chilly night in world’s biggest lodging carved entirely out of ice or book a room in a fully restored Wild West ghost town that doubles as a five-star spa. There is more to all the fun, what if one has to stay at a wacky motel built for cavemen. You name it and you have it, the luxurious Vegas hotel, where anything is possible right inside your suite. From high-end to high up in the trees, take an ultimate tour of the most Extreme Mind Blowing Hotels. 
From the best grub to the only truck stop with parking spaces for your horse, Extreme Truck Stops will blow your doors off.

From a speed demon that achieves total weightlessness to frightening freefalls and the upside-down, corkscrewiest coasters allowed by law, strap on your helmet and get ready to scream... for most Extreme Terror Rides.

These days, everybody’s going green.  But only a few places can claim to be extreme green.  In one of the intriguing episodes Extreme Places To Go Green, the viewers will be taken to a tree-hugger’s dream vacation to the most innovative, Earth-friendly spots in the USA. From a lavish Hawaiian resort to a mind-blowing museum so green, they put a mountain on the roof. Go to an eatery where alternative energy means you have to pedal for your smoothie.

You think that is all? Well, there is more to the series. EXTREME will take you way past Shamu and give you an all-access look at Extreme SeaWorld, an eye-popping journey through Orlando's three Aquatic themed parks: Discovery Cove, Aquatica, and the original Seaworld Park. One can have a close encounter with some large and very deadly predators that get you way closer than the bleacher seats.


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