DB Group’s ‘No Negative Monday’ campaign commemorates 4th Anniversary

Dainik Bhaskar Group, India’s largest print media conglomerate’s ‘No Negative Monday’ campaign that was introduced on January 26, 2015, has created a strong momentum of positivity through its ‘No Negative Monday’ editorial initiative.

The campaign is one of the most unique initiatives introduced in the field of journalism with the aim to pioneer a significant change in the attitude of news publishing. The campaign celebrates its fourth anniversary this month.

The courage to bring ‘differentiated thinking’ though ‘responsible journalism’

A newspaper’s role goes beyond mere reporting of news. It is a driver of societal change. Through the publication’s editorial content and coverage, it possesses the power to influence and set the agenda for its readers. Starting the day with positive stories and news coverage, is a welcome change. In an environment where negativity sells with more news on scandals, sensationalism & scams Dainik Bhaskar understands the fact that great onus lies on media to bring about favorable transformation in people’s lives by initiating a change in their mindset through inspirational news and stories of hope.

Even if a negative news is critical to cover, it is shared in a very sensitive manner with a clear header of negative news leaving no scope of playing with the readers’ emotion by instigating and provoking them.

This differentiated thinking has helped Dainik Bhaskar in breaking free from the cluttered negative news environment by launching a movement to drive positivity, better quality knowledge and more enthusiasm towards life.

The Idea:

In the present era, in order to lead a healthy life peace and contentment, it is imperative that our thinking remains strongly positive. Monday is a fresh start to the week where people are energized and looking to enthusiastically plan for the week ahead. It is therefore essential to initiate and drive this concept of saying ‘no’ to negative thoughts at the beginning of the week and inspire people to start afresh on a positive note.


The Concept: of No Negative Monday covers:

  • Finding a positive aspect even in negative news
  • Good news first
  • Negative news in a box
  • Highlight stories of hope from across India


The Implementation:

  • The idea was implemented to highlight positive developments to cover the most remote locations across India.
  • Dainik Bhaskar highlighted positive news on the front page, desh-videsh, state and city sections across editions and segregated other news under a clear header, every Monday.

Through positive editorial coverage, the campaign has brought to light, several noteworthy stories on individuals, organisations, communities and institutions who are making efforts to bring positive changes in the society. These stories were introduced in all the pages of the newspaper from page 1 to the last page, every Monday.

Mr. Girish Agarwaal, Director, Dainik Bhaskar said, “A common grouse against Indian media is that they highlight more of negative news as crimes, corruption and scams. Dainik Bhaskar was quick to respond to this natural reaction of readers that news seems to be focusing too much only on negative aspects of society triggering a more negative environment and pessimistic attitude.”

He added, “Taking the cue from this dissatisfaction about negative news and understanding our responsibility as a credible newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar has pioneered a change never witnessed in the history of media in the world. With a belief that sensationalising news is not the only way to sell it, the Group launched its “No Negative Monday” campaign. The movement to bring to readers, positive news first day of the week has helped in starting the week with a positive mindset and more enthusiasm. The campaign has received great appreciation from readers across our markets, also being greatly lauded by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has mentioned Dainik Bhaskar's No negative Monday campaign in his address in Canada, as also Lok Sabha Speaker Honorable Sumitra Mahajan who appreciated Dainik Bhaskar’s unique effort.”

The Outcome and response:

While negative news should also be reported, Dainik Bhaskar’s No Negative Monday campaign has been a tremendous effort to create a movement that has encouraged society to adopt a positive outlook beginning from the first day of the week. For the last 4 years, this movement has provided a platform to thousands of positive stories, highlighting the positive efforts of several individuals and organisations across India who are investing time and effort in creating value.

Most inspirational editorials from eminent personalities like Sachin Tendulkar has participated on how he could turn around his failures into success through a positive mindset, and positive stories on various, unique parts of India and its people, who are making a positive difference, continue to be reported.

Negative news continued to be reported but such news was carried in a separate box on the page with an indicator – ‘only those negative stories which might be important for you to know’. The entire effort is directed to create a future of hope, confidence and inspiration for society, particularly for the youth.


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