Content Marketing: The driving wheel for business - Aditi Gandhi

To say the advertising scene is changing would be misleading. Anyone who thinks that Content Marketing is not the way forward has missed the boat. With the constant barrage of information coming their way, consumers are becoming more and more discerning about the kind of advertisements they pay heed to.  In a world where the average person doesn’t watch anything that doesn’t instantly gratify them for over 10 seconds, content marketing and more over powerful storytelling through the medium of advertising has become more relevant than ever. 

Creating a meaningful brand story should now be the norm. Finding a hook that incites an emotional connect in your audience is the only way to operate. Consumers too have shown to often remember the story of the advertisement rather than the product itself. Enveloping the motive of sales in a story leaves a more lasting impression in the minds of viewers and builds not only the sales of a brand but even brand loyalty and increases recall in the mind of the consumer. 

Content Marketing can also be used on a strategic level to specifically target and directly speak to a brand’s target audience. Understanding the journey your customer would take from first coming across the product to finally making a purchase, and packaging that journey in the form of a relatable story is what all advertisers should strive for. Content should always appeal to consumers in their buying journey and should gently nudge them to the forward to the next step. Consistently putting out great content has shown to dramatically improve the interaction with the consumers of a brand and also builds a level of trust between them. 

Strategizing the content that is showcased for the brand is paramount. While it is important to pay attention to trends of what audiences are responding to, it is important to not get bogged down into only recreating something that has already been done. Advertisers should should always aim to create content that adds value to or enhances their audience’s life in some way. Adding a personal narrative to your communication humanises brands and enhances their longevity in the mind of its consumer.  

The great thing about Content Marketing is how easily one can present data to a consumer without overwhelming them with only information. At first a difficult balance to strike, it is a skill that all great advertisers should have. If done right, Content Marketing requires a holistic approach and can be used across a myriad of platforms. Variations of the same story can be customised for each platform in an engaging way to ensure a 360 degree brand presence that is ideally cross promoted through each platform to cement brand recall in the minds of the audience. 

In our millennial driven culture, if an iconic status is to be attained, every agency must learn to effectively learn to wield the powerful tool that is Content Marketing. Without it your brand will always be relegated to background and will eventually fade away, as have so many others. 

(Aditi Gandhi is Co-founder and Business Director, ColourCraft Studio.)


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