Connecting with Mobile Native Generation

About 600 million people, more than half India’s population, are under 25 years old - these numbers are bigger than population of most countries, And hence a critical target group for many brands. A large chunk of this young population has access to smart phones – first mobile native generation so to say.

Continuous partial attention (CPA) and continuous shortening attention spans is a global phenomenon among youth. Secondly, youth is not a homogenous group of people. This makes it challenging for marketers to deliver effective brand communication to them.

Marketers, therefore, are showing an increasing interest in reaching this generation on mobile. Youth-centric brands are looking at reaching youth through personalized contextual content. Brands look at making the most of this mobile-first attitude and integrating it in their marketing mix. It is becoming pivotal to catching their attention given that people who access Internet on mobile, access it more frequently.

Suraj Nagappa, VP, Isobar India expresses, “New age players are dictating how they want to be marketed to, sold to, whom they trust, and when and how they are going to show their own love for the brand… they are much more likely to purchase a product if they can see how that product impacts lives of people similar to themselves. By allowing them to lead the conversation and then amplifying their voice, using it to engage other like-minded people all along their path to purchase will be ideal way to engage.”

With brand emerging as the new age story tellers, marketers are all out to engage consumers in the stories where the brand presence is non-intrusive.

Venugopal Ganganna, CEO, Langoor explains, “Brands are getting involved in stories at the right moments with minimal intrusion. Not becoming an annoying brand with display ads and being discovered at the right points in a user’s journey is a great way to build engagement, trust and following.”

‘Being discovered without being intrusive’ is a must for youth centric marketers trying to capture their attention on mobile. But is that enough? Discover for yourself at TMMS 2018 to be held at Taj Santacruz on 12th December.



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