to build a global travel meets logistics business -Made In India, a first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer shipping and logistics facilitator platform that integrates travel with logistics, has been recognized as a ground-breaking idea since its very beginning. Responsible for starting a completely new domain of crowdsourced shipping delivery all by itself, the platform matches shipping demand requests by merchants and SMEs to individual travelers sourced from a vast number of OTAs and travel agents, thereby ensuring every package has an assigned travel plan and vice versa. The platform’s unique partnership program, introduced last year, has facilitated the onboarding and engagement of all the stakeholders-merchants & SMEs, OTAs and the large number of travelers reached through them, opening an avenue for open interaction and efficient operations.

In a bid to pilot its engagement process, BECKFriends ran a test of its partnership programme in the latter half of 2018 by bringing several travel agents and merchants onboard. The test proved to be successful, subsequently expanding to and establishing itself among an even bigger pool of travelers through travel agents and OTAs, thereby creating on ground advocates of the brand through its new associates. On the other hand, the merchant and SME partners also helped generate demand in volumes while providing verified packages. With over 350 merchants and 150 travel agents onboard, BECKFriends is set to launch this initiative as a well-structured long-term partnership programme. Through a proactive implementation of this programme, the organization strives to amass around 1500 merchants and 750 travel agents within the coming 4-6 months.

The partnership programme is a remarkable strategic initiative by BECKFriends to disrupt, and bring together, the travel and logistics sectors. Through this programme, the platform aims to facilitate a better solution that matches and supplements the existing demand-and-supply mechanism for global shipping requests of products. The programme has strengthened BECKFriends’ ability to play the role of a matchmaker/facilitator to ensure every shipping demand is catered to by the most suitable travel plan sourced after evaluating numerous OTA platforms. In fact, the programme has become the epicenter of peer-to-peer shipping delivery focused engagement among stakeholders.
High costs, delay in services, product quality difference are just some of the factors which have made the demand for centralized peer-to-peer shipping dedicated travel a popular option for many. However, the lack of reliability and timely availability of shipping resources had kept the domain restricted. BECKFriends, with its holistic services and unique program, has given a massive boost to the domain and offered travelers an opportunity to earn between INR 2500-5000 through each delivery on an average while bringing down shipping costs for merchants by as much as one-third!

Moreover, BECKFriends’ interface offers a hassle-free and secure express shipping experience to merchants, SMEs and individual customers, which is 3X faster than a conventional courier service. The organization ensures safety and reliability through measures such as identity verification including an extensive background check of each traveler associate.

Sharing an insight into the partnership programme, Deep Malhotra, Co-founder, remarked, “The concept of requesting family, friends, and acquaintances traveling overseas to bring something back is not new. Treating it through an entrepreneurial perspective, however, is something that came up with. We have been witnessing tremendous acceptance and support for our concept. Moreover, the kind of transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships that we offer has found a deserving place among travel agents, OTAs, merchants and SMEs, as well as individual customers. Through the new partnership programme launched by our company, we aim to impact and disrupt two of the major drivers of Indian economy—the travel and the logistics industry. Considering our dedicated efforts towards it, we are certain that BECKFriends will soon be acknowledged as the largest global traveler-powered delivery network that is Made in India.”

Driven by prevailing e-commerce, increasing technological adoption, and changing customer trends, the express delivery segment in India has faced a robust growth in recent times, emerging as a key contributor to the logistics industry on a whole. While crowdsourced or peer-to-peer delivery remains a niche segment, it is gradually gaining traction piloted by organizations like BECKFriends, thereby disrupting both travel as well as logistics industries of the country. Through its new partnership programme, BECKFriends envisions to further strengthen the tremendous potential of this segment, initiating a logistical revolution in its wake that monetizes travel opportunities and accelerates shipping simultaneously.
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