AVT Premium Tea - Passed down from one generation to the next

The A V Thomas Group is back with a new piece of communication on its flagship brand, AVT Premium Tea. A brand that enjoys leadership status in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, AVT Premium is a taste that consumers swear by.

And to further strengthen this position, FCB Ulka Bangalore has created this new commercial.

The commercial is a beautiful portrayal of how the brand is passed on from one generation to the next, drawing a parallel to how the mantle of responsibility for the house is passed on from one generation to the next.

Speaking about the film, Debendra Prasad M, General Manager, Marketing of AVT Consumer Products said, “AVT Premium tea has always stood for the strongest tea, consistently. This advertisement is part of our latest campaign that extends this proposition and takes it to the next level, by talking of how this consistency of taste has meant that AVT Premium has been passed on from generation to generation. In this commercial the brand helps forge a bond between a mother and her new daughter-in-law, with the former handing over the tea to her daughter-in-law”.

The TVC captures the changing hues of the mother-in-law & daughter-in-law relationship, and dwells on how today the two generations are forging new bonds and coming together in friendship.

The brand marks the blossoming of this bond between the two generations.

The film begins with the son trying to convince his mother to make a cup of tea for him, as he thinks that there is no substitute for her tea. While in the kitchen, the mother asks her daughter-in-law to make the tea instead. Seeing the daughter-in-law’s apprehension at this request, the mother lets her in on a secret in some sense, the secret to her consistently strong cuppa, handing over her family’s favourite, AVT Premium Tea.

The brand, via the mother in law, becomes a platform for the beginning of a new relationship and also signifies the passing on of the baton, from one generation to the next.

The film ends on an endearing high note, as we see the three bonding over the perfect cup of tea, eventually made by the wife herself.

On the TVC, Mahendra Bhagat, National Creative Director, FCB Ulka, Bangalore said, “AVT Premium Tea is known to consistently deliver a strong taste. We needed to build on this existing equity and take the brand to the next level. The best way to demonstrate how a taste has in some sense, stood the test of time, is to show how generations have enjoyed it. And therein lies the core of our new film for the brand.”

Speaking about the commercial, Menaka Menon, Vice President, FCB Ulka, Bangalore, said, “AVT Premium Tea is a long-standing favourite, known to consistently deliver a strong cup of tea time after time. Given the context of how relationships are evolving and changing in today’s world, the brand had an opportunity to become a sort of relationship marker, while continuing to build on its proposition of delivering the strongest tea, consistently. In our communication, AVT Premium Tea becomes representative of the passing on of the mantle of responsibility from the mother to her daughter-in-law, and also signifies the beginning of a bond between the two generations.”




Client:                                            AVT Premium Tea 

Agency:                                            FCB Ulka (Bangalore)

National Creative Director:       Mahendra Bhagat

Copy:                                                  Anamika Roy Choudhury & Rohini Bothra  

Client Servicing:                             Swapna Pratap & Karishma Changroth

Films Team:                                     Alpa Jobalia and Stanley Christian

Production House:                         Still Water Films

Director:                                            Jerald Packiasamy

Producer:                                           Preeti Machat


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