Al Jazeera's Correspondent series explores our modern day obsessions

Travelling from India to America and from Bosnia to Doha, Al Jazeera's correspondents explore subjects that touch on a diverse range of modern obsessions; digital technology, architecture and photography, yoga, the American dream, fertility, and the universal love of comedy.

The award-winning Correspondent series returns to Al Jazeera English on Thursday 6 November at 2000GMT (4pm Toronto, 8pm London, 11pm Nairobi), bringing a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of the network's journalists.

In the premiere episode on 6 November, My Digital Addiction, Al Jazeera's Phil Lavelle (@phillavelle) looks at the modern phenomenon of digital addiction. While we follow Phil's personal addiction story we also explore the wider issues and problems associated with digital addiction. We will also follow Phil's checking in to a digital detox camp then follow his progress to see if he has been able to stay off his devices.

Metropolis on 13 November is a film that looks at the relationship we have with modern cities. Like many people, Richard Bentley (@R1chardBentley) has a fascination with architecture and uses time lapse photography to take a closer look at some very special buildings that reveal so much of our past, present and future, in a unique and artistic manner.

On 20 November Bhanu Bhatnagar (@bhanu_b) asks Who Owns Yoga?, and what impact the modern day popularity of yoga has on the world's most ancient physical and spiritual practices. Packaged and commercialised in a myriad of different ways over the past decades, yoga has reached millions of people but its commercialization also brought with it all the pitfalls of operating in a modern capitalist world.

A Tale of two Migrations: Chasing the American Dream on 27 November features the story of Al Jazeera’s correspondent Adam Raney's (@adamraney) family. The Mississippi Delta has been through very dramatic demographic changes since the US Civil War, with the ethnic make-up and attitudes towards minorities forced to change with the developing migration patterns we see how US immigration policy is impacting the lives of millions.

On 4 December the film Motherhood On Ice explores the personal journey of correspondent Amanda Burrell (twitter), who at 42, may still want to have children and is exploring her options, including oocyte cryopreservation - freezing her eggs. In this film we explore the medical and social issues surrounding the procedure as well as the personal struggle for women who try to decide whether or not to freeze their eggs. 

Finally on 11 December, in Bosnian Humour, Senior Correspondent Jackie Rowland (@jackyaljaz) tries to reunites the three members of the immensely popular comedy team The Surrealist Top Ten (Topliste Nadrealiste). The Bosnian comedy troupe split acrimoniously in the height of the war. Often described as the Balkans answer to Monty Python, the members of the team were from the three main communities in Sarajevo. Nele – the Serbian , Zenit - Bosnian-Muslim and Suco - the Croat. The film reveals  how the Bosnian war has left scars that may never heal for.


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