Air Arabia's new safety video features children

The next time you prepare to take-off on an Air Arabia flight, you will be greeted on the television monitors inside the aircraft cabin by the airline’s youngest flight crew members. In a first for the aviation sector in the Arab world, an in-flight safety film developed by Air Arabia features a group of children briefing passengers about the on-board safety instructions. 
Child stewards dressed in Air Arabia outfits have replaced the actual crew members. In the video, developed in both English and Arabic, the children are seen interacting with passengers – also played by children – and instructing them about safety with the help of colourful drawings and animation pictures. 
This unique movie has once again transformed what used to be a drone of instructions in the background to an attention-grabbing visual. In the video, the children playing flight crew and stewards’ roles can be seen going around and interacting with those playing passengers. Every once in a while a “steward” in the video comes across another child – a “passenger” – playing a video game or fiddling with a mobile phone. A sweet juvenile voice tells the “passenger” to put away the device, and points out it is unsafe for use during certain times on a flight.
This fun and engaging delivery of the message makes for high passenger involvement throughout the onboard briefing. And those little voices keep ringing in the ears, gently hammering a point home and making for better recall.
The video has been used on Air Arabia flights since mid-July and can be viewed on YouTube:

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