AgVoice : The 15 mantras to be a good leader

To be ‘Good Leader’, just adopt 15 basic and simple characteristics, says international business consultant Manish Behl. According to him these 15 steps are as follows:


Be a good Follower: Look for the people you follow and be a good follower to your guru and teacher.


Be a good Learner: Learning never ends and there is always something to learn from situations, behaviours, teachers, books and people. 


Be a good Listener: Patient listening is the best gift you can offer to others; sometimes, your team members just need a patient hearing. 


Be a good Motivator: Acknowledge the achievements, show genuine happiness, take time to encourage and support others.


Be a good Friend: Friendship is the most precious and valuable commodity. Try to be a good friend and anyone would be ready to go an extra mile for you.


Be a good Sport: Make the rules and abide by them. Learn to lose gracefully. Do not cheat or play cheap tricks. 


Be a good Mentor: Be a positive role model and show some perspective. Hear out others patiently, provide helpful feedback and share your experiences. 


Be Humble and Considerate: Understand things from others’ viewpoint. Be considerate to others’ situations. Do not try to take advantage of others’ weak position or awkward situation.


Be Positive: Believe in the ‘Law of Karma’. Build healthy and positive environment. Stay away from unnecessary fears. Take criticism in a healthy way. Do not criticise or gossip about others. 


Be Honest: Don’t lie and be ready to admit to your mistakes. 


Be Participative: Invite others to share their ideas and help them in decision making. Participate in all activities with full enthusiasm.


Be Consistent and Realistic: Make realistic commitment and take full responsibility of the results. Do not vacillate and ensure that your words and action match.


Be ready to Sacrifice: Be ready to sacrifice your happiness, stand and position for the betterment of others. 


Be Open and Approachable: Carry a true inviting smile and open arms. Try to understand why someone has reached out to you and help them with your best resources. Put people at ease. Be accessible and remove unnecessary hindrances.


Be Fit and Healthy: A healthy person  always becomes a role model for others. He/she is the most popular in any given situation. So stay fit, go for walks, exercise and meditate daily.


To be a good leader, one has to start the journey with being a good human being. This is not a choice but an essential characteristic required to become a good leader. In nutshell ‘Be a Good Human’.


Successful people help others climb.

Unsuccessful people wait for others to fall.


(The author is an international business consultant, certified business and executive coach, motivational speaker, start-up mentor, meditation and Yoga practitioner.)


Disclaimer: All views expressed are solely of the author


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