Ad-Vantage Week 3 - On legendary taglines & hidden meanings of brand symbols

Adgully returns this week with another round of the Ad-Vantage Quiz with Rajiv Gopinath. Last week, most respondents engaged with the question ‘Around the time the feminist movement was gaining steam, a young copywriter at McCann Erickson created this line, which was in the news this week.’ The answer to this question was L’Oreal’s ‘Because I’m Worth It’ campaign. The legendary tag line was created by Ilon Specht, a copywriter at McCann. The first week of March was the 50th anniversary of the line and has become part of the social fabric.

Brands, advertising messages and content have become so entrenched in our daily lives that we probably know more about them than we think. Every week we reach thousands of readers who are interested in knowing more about the business of brands. That’s why we decided to our engagement to a whole new level.

Rajiv Gopinath, Chief Client Officer, Starcom, shares another 10 topical questions this week on the latest developments in Business, Advertising and Brands.

To win, you need to answer all the questions correctly and the earliest. The quiz is live every Tuesday at 11 am and continues till Friday 11 pm. Here’s what you need to do to participate.

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Once again there was no winner last week, though most people got Q2 and Q4 correct. Here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

  1. Connect the Sun rising over the moon, Nietzsche, and an Automobile.

The latest Jeep Wrangler 4xe ad was inspired by ‘2001: Space Odyssey’. The opening scene of both the ad and the movie has the image of the sun rising over the moon. The Nietzsche connection is the Richard Strauss audio track ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’.

  1. Around the time the feminist movement was gaining steam, a young copywriter at McCann Erickson created this line – “Because I’m worth it” – which was in the news this week.

The legendary tag line was created by Ilon Specht, a copywriter at McCann. The first week of March was the 50th anniversary of the line which has become part of the social fabric.

  1. Which brand has a word meaning blockading or suppressing in its name?

Zerodha. The brand name is a combination of Zero and Rodha. Rodha is the Sanskrit word for Barrier.

  1. From Cardboard Hitler to Aang. What are we referring to?

The new Amazon logo. Cardboard Hitler (The jagged tape on a cardboard box) created lot of controversy and Amazon changed it from a jagged edge to a folded look. And then there were references to Aang of Avatar.

  1. Bappi Lahiri was used in this live in concept. Which one?

The latest Levi’s ad featuring the song ‘Koi Yahan Nache-Nache’ by Bappi Lahiri and Usha Uthup from the film ‘Disco Dancer’. #LiveInLevis

  1. What is the connection of 22 and 33 to the genre of Video websites?

Bilibili. 22 and 33 are the two official mascots of the popular Video sharing service in China. They were elected by the community.

  1. How do you connect Fast Food, Rain and God?

KFC. KFC China replaced its à la carte menus with simplified discount meal combos, which it promoted via KFC’s mobile ordering app whenever it rained. To promote the campaign, KFC China partnered with Taiwanese rock star Jam Hsiao, who is jokingly nicknamed ‘The God of Rain’ because it rained at 83% of his concerts when he toured China.

  1. Why would you think of Esplanade mansion last week?

Esplanade Mansion in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai was where the original Watson’s Hotel was. Legend has it that Jamsetji Tata was turned away by the staff at Watson’s hotel and that’s when he had the idea to build the Taj Hotel in 1903. March 3 marked the 182nd birth anniversary of Jamsetji Tata.

  1. Which trending app has rolls as its major feature?

Dispo. The new social media app by David Dobrik is inspired by a physical disposable camera. Dispo comes with the taglines ‘Capture and share moments’, ‘Live in the moment’ and ‘Be yourself’. What sets it apart from Facebook and Instagram is that any photo you take has to be through the app – and it “develops” the next day. You can’t edit the photos that you’ve taken with Dispo or upload your own photos.

One of Dispo's marquee features, "Rolls," gives it a unique social element. In the same way that you might pass around a disposable camera at wedding IRL, the Rolls feature allows multiple users to contribute pictures to the same album. If you take a photo for a shared Roll, each user will see if there's a photo developing, and will get to see that photo when it's ready. You can create a new public or private Roll by tapping the bottom of the camera, then clicking the plus sign in the top right corner. You can add people to Rolls to let them contribute

  1. Which trending ad campaign is dedicated to supporting moms through the high and lows of breastfeeding? Name the brand and the campaign.

Tommee Tippee. The brand’s latest campaign is Booblife.


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