Aaj Tak's latest campaign focuses on the fundamental pillars of the channel

 Aaj Tak, Nation’s most loved, trusted, awarded and viewed news brand has been the leader for 17 years since inception. This feat is matched by no other channel in the TV News Universe, a feat Aaj Task accomplished because of its singular focus on the most important stakeholder, the viewer.

Aaj Tak launched the campaign 'Saare Jahaan Se Sachcha', conceptualised by Leo Burnett, that is led by 3 TVCs that capture everyday situations in which a common man is duped with the web of lies when there is no accountability, and no action to put an end to this situation. Each narrative is a hard hitting reality check on the kind of day to day transactions we see all around us. The campaign line – Saare Jahaan Se Sachcha has been thoughtfully conceived to tug at people’s hearts. It re-affirms and connects the positive emotion of India’s iconic song ‘Saare Jahaan Se achchha’ with Brand Aaj Tak, lending it the stature and scale it deserves.

The campaign draws from what has been the core of Aaj Tak – Fearlessness, Truth and No Compromise. It highlights one of the fundamental needs of society - honesty and truth. The campaign elevates the role the brand plays in our life and looks at the platform of ‘truth’ in a very different way. Instead of focusing on ‘what’ truth does, it showcases ‘why’ truth is so important – because in the current state of affairs where credibility is the only answer to unsubstantiated noise. And that’s where it’s so important to have brands like Aaj Tak – that carry the flag of truth in an environment that is sensationally driven. Be true- to yourself, to your profession, to your service, to the country, to humanity, and most importantly, to your own conscience.

Three TVCs form the heart of the campaign, amplified across ATL and BTL – ‘Trust and Truth’ embodied by Aaj Tak like None Other.

The campaign aims to bring forth the founding principles of Truth & Integrity that have defined the Aaj Tak newsroom for 17 years. Instead of focusing on ‘what’ truth does, the campaign focuses on ‘why’ truth is so important. Why it’s so important to have brands like Aaj Tak – which carry the flag of truth amid the unsubstantiated noise. 



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