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It is believed that everyone takes birth for a purpose. Once the purpose is served they leave the mortal land for their heavenly abode. This holds true even for our favorite musicians and actors as tragedy doesn't spare anyone. From Heath Ledger to Paul Walker, Hollywood has lost some precious gems too early; leaving fans and critics disheartened and wanting for more. This February, Sony Le PLEX HD pays tribute to those well-known actors who passed away too soon into their career. Watch It’s 9O’Talk themed ‘The Tribute’ from 20th – 24th February, Monday to Friday @ 9 PM.

5 days, 5 great movies, one common theme for the week.

Who doesn’t remember the ‘The Joker’ from The Dark Knight? His chilling dialogues and amazing screen presence left everyone in awe of the bad guy. Heath Ledger couldn’t taste his own success as he passed away before the film could release. His untimely death cast a shadow over the subsequent promotion of the $185 million Batman production. Ledger received numerous posthumous accolades for his critically acclaimed performance in the film.

Robin Williams is another name in the list. After playing iconic characters in movies like Jumanji, Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire, he garnered a massive fan following all around the world. His death left a void in the entertainment world.

Another shocker that came to Hollywood was when the young heart-throb Paul Walker lost his life in the tragic car accident while shooting for Fast & Furious 7. The remaining part of the movie had to be created with the help of VFX and body doubles.        

Other names in this list include Philip Seymour Hoffman and Chris Farley. While Philip died during production of the blockbuster film The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part II, Chris (known for his comic timing in Saturday Night Live) passed away leaving quite a few unfinished projects and a lot of sorrowful fans behind.

February Schedule of ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk on Sony Le PLEX HD




A Knight's Tale


9 pm

Bicentennial Man


9 pm

Hunger Games -Mockingjay Part II


9 pm

Beverly Hills Ninja


9 pm

Furious 7


9 pm

Get ready to witness these fine performers come alive on screen once again only on Sony Le PLEX HD


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