2021 Wrapped for Advertisers: How sound helped us rebuild and reconnect

After more than a year on pause, audiences hit play again on rebuilding their lives — and sound was with them every step of the way.In 2021, audio soundtracked a whole array of new realities: new commutes, new workouts, new recipes, new friends, new forms of family bonding,and more.Digital audio elevated moments, informed opinions, provided education, and inspired moods. And, it helped forge new connections between listeners, cre-ators, and advertisers. With all of this momentum, the future is bright: 61% of Gen Zs and millennials globally said they feel empowered to build a “better normal.”¹ So before you start thinking about next year, take a look at what changed in 2021. It might just help you connect with your audience in more meaningful ways in 2022.

¹Spotify Culture Next Global Survey, among 9,000 respondents 15-40, Apr’21


Always On: Audio was our constant companion


Amplified Connections: Sound helped us unite through culture


Household Harmony: Shared listening in the home kept us together


Eclectic Sounds: Podcasts opened listeners up to a diverse range of experiences


Right Time, Right Vibes: Sound helped us magnify the moment


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