How #BharatKaKal Has Left Us Thinking Like Never Before

Every year in India, 15th August comes and goes with our voices rising in unison to a patriotic crescendo before fading away into the usual murmur. It is a time when marketing campaigns gather steam, political leaders prepare impressive speeches, public partakes in displays of patriotic affection, and we simply enjoy our holiday.

Not this time around, though.

There’s this video we recently saw and want to talk about today. Aptly titled #BharatKaKal by the Adani Group, it takes 172 seconds to convey a poignant monologue by a 72-year old war veteran who is reminiscing growing up in an independent India. But what truly drives home the point is when he speaks of his unshakeable faith in the next 72 years of independent India’s journey.

This campaign wants us, the future flag-bearers of our great country, to share our thoughts on the future we envisage for India. And this certainly got us thinking like never before:

  1. Independence Day is more than just a remembrance

Like many, we are also guilty of not perhaps truly understanding the significance of our Independence Day. Yes, we should pay our tributes to those who have helped us script this wonderful journey wherein, we have come a long way from being under the clutches of imperialism to becoming one of the fastest-growing nations in the world, thanks to our freedom fighters, scientists, leaders, industrialists, pioneers, and visionaries. But, what is more important is that we truly think about taking forward their legacy the way they imagined.

  1. True independence starts from within

Our society won’t be truly free unless we rid ourselves of poverty, hunger, and illiteracy. Every 15th August, we celebrate our freedom, but is the country truly free? Nation-builders like Tatas and Adanis are doing their bit by bringing technological, industrial and socio-economic progress to the country. It’s time we, as citizens of this great nation, do our bit. Let every Independence Day from now on be a pledge where we take up at least one task that will positively impact our society –   be it teaching a child, donating leftover food, or even driving safe!

  1. Youth with a vision is the key to #BharatKaKal

The next 72 years will see India become the epitome of progress, unity and society in the world. And yes, it is possible. By 2020, the average age of Indians will be 29. Imagine the power of an educated, cultured, and empowered youth. This young India is hungry, ambitious and driven by visions of greatness. As a key part of this demographic ourselves, we urge our fellow compatriots to find their own vision.

As far as Independence Day campaigns go, we believe that #BharatKaKal has hit the right note of patriotism and enthusiasm. Most importantly, it has filled us with hope. And if 172 seconds can make us think of a greater India, imagine what it can do to you.



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